About Me

I am a second grade teacher, mother of 2 boys, and stepmother of 2 girls. My life is saturated with children! In my “spare” time, I write inspirational contemporary romance and inspirational romantic suspense.

How I became a writer

My choice to write inspirational romance did not come easy. In the beginning I tried to write mainstream, secular stories and even joined critique groups where most of the writers there wrote secular books. It was during that time I started to second guess myself. I joined the inspirational Faith, Hope and Love chapter of Romance Writers of America and became involved as the newsletter editor. Still, I wasn’t fully committed to writing for the Lord. I prayed, I talked to my pastor, talked to my friends, talked to anyone who would listen, and I still felt at odds with myself. I continued to write secular stories and went on to co-found the medical romance chapter, RWA Heartbeat. I wrote a medical romance that made it all the way to the revision process, but was later rejected. After that, everything changed in my life.

Due to unforeseen circumstances in my marriage, I sought a divorce and put the writing aside for many years. My kids were my first priority and I had to take time to heal. After several years, I married a wonderful Christian man and found peace that I’d never known before. I decided it was time to start writing again and this time…I was going to heed God’s calling. I’d ignored it for too long. A couple of years later, I finally sold my first book!